Hands-On Guide to Property-Based Testing in JavaScript

JUN 17, 2024


Property Based Testing allows you to generate thousands of variations in data and test your code against them. Learn how to start doing Property Based Testing in JavaScript with fast-check


Don't Use Magic Numbers

Why you should avoid magic numbers, what numbers are not magic numbers and how you can enforce this practice with ESLint

JUN 09, 2024


Ace the Developer Technical Interview

Science-based methods to remember any interview question and answer with confidence and fluency

MAY 14, 2024


Which Test Should I Write? A Strategic Guide to Front-End Testing

A Deep Dive into Front-End Testing: Learn What Mistakes Turn Tests into a Burden and How to Apply a Different Approach for a More Effective Testing Suite

MAY 04, 2024


The Uniqueness Trap: Why You Shouldn't Try to Create a Unique Project

You don't need to create a unique project, learn a practical approach to picking project ideas that stand out

APR 21, 2024


A mental model for learning as a developer

A mental model for learning as a developer to help you navigate your learning journey and decide what to learn next

JAN 20, 2024


How JS Works - The Engine

Learn how the JS engine works behind the scenes, from the parser, to the interpreter and compiler

OCT 04, 2023


How JS Works - Execution Context

Learn about the behind of scenes of an execution context in JavaScript - the mechanism behind hoisting and closure

OCT 04, 2023


How JS Works - Lexical Environment

An in-depth article that explores the lexical environment in JavaScript. You'll learn about the structure of the lexical environment, the Environment Record and differences between LexicalEnvironment and VariableEnvironment

OCT 04, 2023


What is Observability - Explained

What is Observability and why it's a necessary skill for software engineers

JUL 18, 2023


Don't heavily rely on primitives

How relying on primitives can make your codebase hard to change

MAR 14, 2023


Central Error Handling In NodeJS and TypeScript

This video is about error handling, and will be split into two parts. The first are the principals behind error handling, these are applicable to other languages as well. The second part is the example part, and is demonstrated using NodeJS.

JAN 13, 2022


IndexedDB - What is it, and when you should choose it

IndexedDB is a full-blown DB in the browser, learn when to use it and when to avoid it

JAN 06, 2022


Why Your Code Needs Abstraction Layers

Creating abstraction layers helps improve your code drastically by providing three major benefits: centralization, simplicity and better testing

NOV 03, 2021


Declarative Programming vs Imperative Programming

Explanation about each programming paradigm, their difference and relation to Object Oriented Programming and Functional Programming

SEP 06, 2020


Web Assembly Deep Dive – How it Works, And Is It The Future?

What is Web Assembly, how it works, and should you use it?

JUL 12, 2020